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When John H. Allen started a school amid economic uncertainty at the turn of the century in a small Texas town, little did he know what impact he would have 130 years later.

Today, Allen Academy proudly claims its heritage as the oldest accredited, non-religious preparatory school in Texas. The Allen family’s dream that started in 1886 has blossomed into an independent day school for more than 350 students from age 3 through grade 12 in historic Bryan, TX.

At Allen, students as young as 3 and 4 years old learn along with students ready to face the intellectual challenge of university life. The 40-acre campus creates a family-centered atmosphere where children are known by name and challenged to reach their full potential by talented, caring, and professional faculty, staff, coaches, and advisors.

Allen is committed to providing a global perspective not only through an independent school curriculum, but through hands-on, intentional learning experiences. A small, selective boarding program also brings students from across the globe to enhance an environment that values relationships, learning from each other, and preparing students for a world that promises to be increasingly unpredictable. This unique combination of intellectual rigor, learning opportunities, and deep relationships makes Allen unique within the Brazos Valley. It is also the only NAIS member school within a 70-mile radius.

If you step on campus, I know you will be impressed with more than just the physical plant. The students are what makes this place great.  On my first visit to Allen in the fall of 2013, I met two seniors with whom I began a conversation. Sarah arrived to Allen as a quiet sixth grade girl. She graduated an AP Scholar, student body president, eight-time varsity letter winner, and the valedictorian. John, a lifer (attended all 15 years), had many choices for college and was prepared emotionally and intellectually for each. He chose to continue his studies and his passion for playing football at the next level. Both are ready to conquer the world.

Are your children ready?

I invite you to tour our website, come to our campus, and see the difference an independent school education can make.




Dr. Matthew J. Rush
Head of School