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At Allen Academy, junior and senior students have the option of doing a Capstone project each trimester. Capstone is an opportunity for students to take on a project that they care about; it is designed to help each student cultivate his/her passion and serve the school, local, or global community.

Capstone Mission: Our purpose is to help you find yours.

There are three different types of Capstone projects:

1) Explore a passion and contribute to our school community on campus. Previously, we have had a student who spent one hour every week helping in our Pre-K classrooms and pursuing her passion of becoming a teacher. Another student wanted to do a better a job of welcoming our international students, so she created the What I.F.F. (International Friends Forever) program. She paired each incoming international student with a current Allen student, so that they could email over the summer and have a familiar face on campus when school started. In August, our new international students were each greeted by a buddy, and our senior Capstone student created a week of awesome welcome activities.

2) Explore a passion and contribute to our local community off campus. We have partnered with three off campus sites in order to better serve the local community. Currently, we have four students partnering with the Crestview Retirement Community, five students volunteering at the Bryan Animal Center, and six students shadowing/volunteering at the Brazos Valley Rehab in Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy.

3) Explore a passion and share it in either the school, local, or global community. One of our junior students is working on several art pieces for her Advanced Placement Studio Art Portfolio, and plans to do an art exhibition at the end of the trimester.