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At Allen Academy, we believe it is important to not only cultivate an environment where diverse thoughts, ideas, and perspectives are respected, but to empower our students to share their voices - while listening to and learning from the voices of their peers. Over the years, the diversity of Allen Academy's student body has been recognized and celebrated through a variety of activities and events which have given our students opportunities to share their personal experiences, allowing others the opportunity to learn more about a multitude of rich and vibrant cultures. These types of events have contributed to the development of a community that not only values and appreciates the diversity within our student body, but also encourages our students to explore the world and learn about it firsthand.

While Allen Academy students, parents, and faculty members have participated in trips abroad for many years, the Allen Explorers program grew out of an intentional effort to facilitate domestic and international travel for each of our students, as well as families, faculty, and alumni. At the heart of the entire program, though, are the students. 

The mission of the Allen Explorers is to provide students with experiential learning opportunities through a hands-on and immersive approach. Through domestic and international travel expeditions, we strive to help students gain invaluable experiences, practice adaptive expertise, and cultivate a growth mindset, capitalizing on the authentic learning opportunities available.

Through domestic and international travel opportunities, Allen Explorers seeks to: 

  • create a global understanding and appreciation of worldwide cultures and the challenges faced by different societies
  • develop educational partnerships and open students’ eyes to opportunities that exist beyond U.S. borders
  • explore opportunities for students to practice adaptive expertise and develop a growth mindset through the lens of student travel


Regions Visited (Recent Past, Present, and Future)

  • Europe – Germany (2016)
  • Europe – Italy (2017)
  • Europe -  UK, Northern Ireland & France (Paris) (2018)
  • Asia – Japan (2019)
  • US - Washington DC (2019)
  • Europe – Spain (2020)
  • US - San Francisco STEM Trip (2020)
  • Europe - Budapest, Vienna & Prague (2020 Adults & Alumni Trip)



Domestic Tours

Domestic Tours are open to students in grades 5-8 and focus on the wide variety of history, culture, and natural beauty here in the US. Tour destinations may change from year to year, and may include a focus on a particular topic or strand. In March of 2020, students and parents are invited to travel to the San Francisco area for a STEM-focused trip.


International Tours

The International Tours focus on providing unique opportunities for students to step outside of their comfort zones, experiencing new and different cultures, languages, and places around the world. These experiences help students become Global Citizens and Adaptive Experts as they prepare to go out into the world upon graduation.

In addition to the option to travel with parents or guardians available for all students, students in grades 9 – 12 are allowed to join the Allen Explorers travel expeditions as independent travelers. Eligible to participate in the weShare program offered through EF Tours, Upper School students are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to earn college credits through the creation and submission of an independent project. 


Alumni and Adult Tours

These tours serve as a fun and unique way to connect with other members of the wonderful Allen Community while exploring the world! Typically, Adult and Alumni Tours visit more exotic locations than our student trips, and are very flexible. This allows travelers to experience the fun of traveling with fellow members of the extended Allen community, comfortable in the knowledge that all the details are being handled!