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Highlights from 5th grade

Fifth Grade Curriculum at Allen Academy


Fifth grade children’s art classes help students become more visually and aesthetically aware. Students learn the basic art elements and the language of art, and they grow in their appreciation of art. They gain confidence practicing techniques and skills in both two-and three-dimensional art materials and become familiar with the work of various artists and artistic styles.

Language Arts

In fifth grade language arts, students continue to read independently, while also seeking deeper levels of understanding by communicating their observations and questions. Students focus on studying historical fiction and nonfiction literature and develop the ability to form short answer and essay responses. Learning of literary elements and devices is emphasized through novels and short stories. Vocabulary and spelling development continues, including an emphasis on word roots and affixes. Students also study the 6 + 1 Traits of Writing, as well as grammar mechanics and usage. Continuous reflection offers students an opportunity to practice these writing, grammar, and vocabulary skills. Students demonstrate their learning through quizzes, tests, group work, presentations, projects, discussions and reflection.


In fifth grade mathematics, students progress in their math education while drawing upon the knowledge taught in previous levels. Students are guided to a sound concept development, critical thinking, and efficient problem-solving skills. Mathematical concepts are presented in a clear and sequential way to facilitate understanding and mastery. Students encounter work with number theory, estimation and computation, geometry, multiplication and division, fractions, decimals, percent, exponents and negative numbers, fractions and ratios, algebraic concepts, coordinates, area, volume, capacity, probability, ratios, and rates.

Music (Band/Instrument Exploration) 

Students in the fifth grade Band and keyboarding attend this class for half of the school year or a semester of time. They learn to play a band instrument which is supplied by the school and perform as an ensemble for Fine Arts Nights in either December and April. Students explore playing band instruments including flute, clarinet, alto-saxophone, trumpet, trombone, tuba, and keyboarding. Exploration of the basics of tone production for their instrument and how to read music notation including melody and rhythm are the primary plans for student activities. Throughout the course of the semester, students build their skills of playing the instrument individually and as a full ensemble in class and in performance at Fine Arts Nights.

Physical Education

The fifth grade physical education program refines motor skills and game strategies while working to improve student cooperation and teamwork. Lessons are designed to develop skills, strength, fitness, and general comprehension of game concepts. Students work independently and in small groups to improve conceptual understanding. Core sport units include soccer, basketball, flag football, badminton, and volleyball. Cooperative games, fitness activities, and team building exercises will supplement the core sport units to create a balanced curriculum. A strong emphasis will be placed on sportsmanship, teamwork, and effort.


Our fifth-grade program continues with project-based learning. Students can expect to engage in a variety of hands-on science inquiry activities during each unit of study.  Investigations throughout the year will focus on climate change, Earth's resources, matter, and ecosystems. The projects focus on developing research, design, and presentation skills. 

Social Studies

Social Studies is taught through project-based learning. Topics of study include economic changes, ancient civilizations, exploration, regions around the world, and government structures. Projects focus on developing research and presentation skills. Students are required to prepare projects and written reports using reference materials and engage in discussions and debates about the topics learned.


The fifth-grade Spanish program continues to build upon the five basic skills for second language acquisition: listening, speaking, reading, writing, and cultural awareness, with an emphasis on conversational skills. Students build on the linguistic base needed for developing communicative skills by employing question-answer structures in various realistic situations. The program introduces more complex structures of the language to expand oral and writing skills. Students explore and comprehend various aspects of the cultures of Spanish-speaking countries.


Fifth grade is a capstone year for technology study. More and more student work will be completed through the technology component. The use of email and the Google Suite system is growing. Students are comfortable using technology tools appropriately and often for classroom work, and they are preparing for middle school.