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Second Grade Curriculum at Allen Academy


Second-grade children begin to develop deeper understandings of the elements and principles of art. Recognizing and using line, shape, color, and texture effectively and expressively are focused upon as well as developing art appreciation and history through artist and culture studies. A variety of media is explored.

Language Arts

The second-grade reading curriculum emphasizes the development of higher-level skills such as listening, inferential thinking, plot and setting, sequencing, and characterization. The students learn to read for information by exploring and responding to various forms of literature. Second-grade students communicate and participate in both written and oral language routines through independent and group activities. Identified language skills are highlighted within the students’ writing and emphasized throughout all areas of study.


Students build upon their knowledge of math through a combination of written activities, games, and manipulatives. Students develop skills in addition and subtraction facts, place value, money, time, geometric concepts, whole number operations, number stories, patterns, fractions, measurement, decimals, and place value. In addition to methodical development of fact power through the use of games, students will learn the important relationships between addition and subtraction and multiplication and division. Problem-solving is part of each new concept and allows the students to apply their mathematical knowledge to a variety of situations.


Second-graders in music learn how to read and notate rhythms, further develop their singing voices, and begin to sing high, middle, and low sounds, as well as in two parts. They begin exploring more instruments such as xylophones, and drums and learn ways to create “effects” and accompaniments with them. They also increase their experience of music from other cultures and American folk songs.

Physical Education

The focus of second-grade physical education is on continuing to develop physical abilities and movement skills. Students are introduced to specific sport units. The basic skills of these sports are taught through drills and activities. Game concepts continue to be enhanced. Fitness concepts are taught and practiced targeting cardio-respiratory endurance through a weekly running program. These fitness concepts are further taught and enhanced targeting muscular endurance, flexibility, muscular strength, and balance through a weekly station workout.


The Lower School science curriculum is project-based learning and provides students with the foundations for observing, communicating, measuring, comparing, describing, classifying, predicting, collecting data, and interpreting data. It is built to foster curiosity, inventiveness, persistence, and enthusiasm. Children learn by doing and reflecting upon this active learning. Materials from a variety of programs are utilized to explore materials on Earth, plants, the Solar System, and land pollution. 

Social Studies

In second grade social studies, instruction focuses on the study of goods and services, influencers in society, westward expansion, America, and farm to table. Social Studies is taught through project-based learning. 


Second-grade students expand their linguistic base through attention to proper pronunciation and intonation via individual and group participation. Student learning is enhanced through question/answer role-playing, rhymes, poems, group games, skits, and dialogues. Word recognition and reading are developed through simple sound-letter correspondences and introductions of simple phrases. Cultural awareness and comprehension are emphasized as students become more aware of the world around them.


In second grade, students experience proficiency and an increased depth of understanding of the technology skills acquired in kindergarten and first grade. Greater emphasis is placed on using technology to enhance academic skills through word processing, creating presentation slides, keyboarding, and the use of a variety of educational apps.



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