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Allen Academy’s Lower School encompasses students in grades Kindergarten through 5th.  The accelerated academic program integrates curricula that focuses on the foundational skills necessary for continuous intellectual growth and success through inquiry and project-based learning. Language arts, reading, social studies, mathematics, and science are core subjects. Lower School students are also instructed in music, art, Spanish, computer education, and participate in Physical Education classes each day.

The lower elementary (K-1) classrooms are self-contained, which provides for the nurturing element so greatly needed at this level. In grades 2-5, there is more departmentalization of the course load, which prepares students for success at this level and future success in Middle School. 

All classes work with the core values of Independence, Adaptability, Integrity, Partnership of Vigor. Lower School teachers focus on nurturing cooperation, empathy, honesty, respect, and responsibility throughout their lessons and during daily interactions.