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Middle School is a time of change. Students try to find out who they are, what they believe in, and where they want to go. They try on different personalities, they push boundaries, and they like to have fun. Meeting these normal challenges of adolescence with good humor and patience in a safe, caring environment should be the foundation of any good school. In the Middle School at Allen, we strive to do that every single day.

Middle School students at Allen are both supported and challenged as they explore a full course of offerings in math, science, English, Spanish, and history. To complement this experience, myriad opportunities exist for students on the athletic field, on the stage, in the art studio, in classrooms, and in the community beyond our 40-acre campus. When our eighth graders graduate, they have experienced and thoroughly appreciate the value of striking the delicate balance among these important facets of school life. The culmination of a full Middle School experience at Allen is three-fold. Our students are not only prepared for the rigors of our Upper School, but they go on to be successful in the right colleges for them, including some of the nation’s most highly selective colleges and universities. Most importantly, however, they are equipped with the tools and attitudes they need to lead lives of meaning and purpose.

At the heart of all we do is a dedicated and experienced faculty that ensures the success of our academic, artistic, athletic, and moral character program. The personal one-on-one attention our students get through the advisor system, student-led conferences, and intimate class sizes allows for each student to be both known and valued. Moreover, the faculty continuously seek to better themselves and to ask the essential question: “How do we best serve our students in preparing them for both high school and beyond?”