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Exploratory Spanish - 6th and 7th Grade

The exploratory Spanish courses offered to students in the sixth and seventh grade are designed to provide students with an introduction to the Spanish language and culture of the Spanish speaking world. The curriculum allows for students to spend the first several weeks of the course developing basic linguistic knowledge and communication skills in the target language. The remainder of the course exposes students to various cultural topics and provides them with the vocabulary necessary to discuss these topics. Throughout the course, students frequently engage with one another in the target language in order to allow their interpersonal communication and interpretation skills to progress via authentic practice.

Spanish 1

Spanish 1 integrates all the modalities of Spanish, speaking, reading, writing, and listening, to help the students achieve a  mid novice level to high novice level of proficiency.  

Each unit will consist of a new vocabulary theme and grammar concept, reading and listening comprehension activities, multimedia cultural presentation, and interactive activities and practices which reinforce vocabulary and grammar.  

Students who take Spanish 1 in 8th grade will receive high school credit for this course, however, it will not be calculated toward their GPA.

Study Hall - 6th grade

The focus of this class is to help you build academic behaviors designed for success.  Study Hall is a structured environment that includes mini lessons that teach students about developing a solid foundation in Basic English grammar, time management, organization, planning, and study skills as well as structured work time. 

6th Grade Orchestra

This class is all beginner level.The students will learn the basic music theory, Instrument care, instrument history, how to hold the instrument and learning finger numbers.

7th & 8th Grade Orchestra

The students  will continue  vibrato skills, and 2/4,¾,4/4 conducting with the music baton. This  fall semester,  students will participate in the TMEA Region 8 competition.

6th Grade Art

The 6th grade semester visual arts course focuses on observing and appreciating art, learning the elements and principles of design, practicing learned skills and applying them so that students may create their own art expressions. Visual images through projected artwork, book illustrations, photographs, art prints and virtual museum images and tours will be presented for discussion, analysis, appreciation and imitation of styles. The art room is a place to practice, improve skills, analyze, reflect and explore. Students will be equipped to work in a variety of wet and dry media. They will participate in individual and group critiques in order to encourage personal progress and growth.

7th & 8th Grade Art

In this year-long course students will be introduced to a wide variety of art making techniques such as drawing, painting, ceramics, fiber arts, and printmaking. Using the elements and principles of design as a foundation, students will begin to explore their own interests and ideas. We will expand their knowledge of art history throughout the year while developing critical thinking skills and artful thinking through conversations. This course will help students gain confidence by communicating visually through art while learning more about themselves and the world around us.

6th Grade Band

In Sixth Grade Band, students learn to play an instrument of their own selection from woodwinds, brass, or percussion instruments. Throughout the year, students continue to develop their fundamental skills of making a nice sound on the instrument and reading rhythms and notes on the music staff. Performance skills are learned through individual practice as well as rehearsal in instrument sections and full class ensemble. Students grow their knowledge and appreciation of music by learning to play melodies of music from different eras, composers, and genres, and through an introduction in music theory. Sixth-grade band students play together as a large ensemble for Fine Arts Night in December and in small and large ensembles for Fine Arts Night in April.

7th & 8th Grade Band

Students continue to build their skills of playing their instrument individually and playing as an ensemble. The range of notes is expanded, rhythms become more complex and ensemble music includes harmony within the instrument section as well as the full ensemble. Music history, music theory, and music listening including different composers, performers, and eras are part of the class. 7th/8th Grade Band students learn basic scales and two études to participate in Middle School Region Band auditions as part of the Association of Texas Small School Bands (ATSSB) of Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA). The students are part of the Rockin’ Rams! Pep Band that plays for pep rallies and home varsity football games. Students prepare full ensemble music for Veterans Day Assembly, perform concert music for Fine Arts Night in December, and prepare duets, trios, and concert music to perform on Fine Arts Night in April.

6th Grade Drama

Sixth grade drama focuses on building confidence through speech, voice and physical movements. Combining elements of public speaking, monologue preparation, prose/poetry and voice over animation, students will explore current events in a way that utilizes theatre and their voice to create awareness. This course equips the students not only as they travel through drama, but through all courses as they prepare and deliver presentations with confidence and ease.

7th & 8th Grade Drama

The nature of Middle School Drama is exploratory. Students will discover and explore the impact theatre has had on the world throughout history. They will be introduced to acting and vocal techniques, elements of design and drama, technical theatre opportunities, improvisation, theatre game play, scene writing and development, ensemble and collaborative work and more. The class goes beyond acting and gives students a look at many of the creative outlets theatre offers.  Additionally students are exposed to activities that help build confidence, empathy, trust and a deeper understanding of themselves, their peers, community and the world.  Students who choose to continue in Middle School Drama for a second year will take on leadership roles which will provide the students with deeper, more specific experiences and enrich the class as a whole.