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The Upper School at Allen is committed to providing students with an excellent college preparatory experience. Allen graduates enter college with the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary for success. An aggressive curriculum grounded by a tradition of moral development and social responsibility instills in the student the scholarship and empathy necessary for life as an intelligent, compassionate, and discerning individual. The Upper School academic program is an interdisciplinary curriculum that emphasizes higher order taxonomy while reinforcing objective knowledge and test taking skills.

A number of extra-curricular activities are scheduled by the school to provide students an opportunity to explore their passions and develop the social skills necessary for successful interpersonal relationships.  Other clubs are student driven with a faculty sponsor.  Because the school believes in balance, dedicated periods for student choice, as well as a robust student life program are scheduled each week.

There are 12 Advanced Placement courses provided:

  • Art History
  • Biology
  • Calculus (AB)
  • Calculus (BC)
  • Chemistry
  • English Language
  • English Literature
  • European History
  • Physics
  • Spanish
  • United States Government & Politics
  • United States History

Over the last three years, nearly one-third of each senior class has received various AP Scholar Awards.

Enrollment in AP courses is determined by academic department policies and/or prerequisite courses.