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Highlights from our Mathematics Department

Allen Academy’s K-12 Math curriculum is designed to engage students in the opportunity to develop the skills required for a comprehensive understanding of math concepts. This is based upon the belief that the best way to become competent mathematicians is to regularly apply problem solving and critical thinking skills in a way that allows students to understand the importance of mathematics in people’s lives. Ultimately, the Math Department assists our students in developing a deep understanding of concepts at all levels in order to build a foundation of skills relevant to all areas of school life and beyond.

The Math Department’s focus in Lower School begins with establishing a foundation of understanding through basic concepts and the usage of hands-on manipulatives. A spiraled curriculum contributes to the sequential development of concepts, in a manner that engages students’ bodies and minds. Evolving from concrete to abstract, students move into Middle School ready to become proficient in using and applying critical thinking and problem solving skills in all strands of Mathematics. By Upper School, mathematics becomes a subject area in which topics are explored and analyzed with greater depth.

Our teaching of mathematics emphasizes the fundamental principles of computation, critical thinking, reasoning, and resourceful problem solving through cognitively appropriate strategies and resources. The department seeks to scaffold learning in order to develop diversified thinkers, capable of investigating and analyzing problems and situations that connect to everyday life. Providing ample opportunities for reflection and interaction, we strive to create adaptive learners who appreciate the utility, power, and beauty of mathematics as they develop proficiency in using and applying fundamental mathematical concepts and skills.