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Highlights from our Physical Education Department

Allen Academy’s K-12 Physical Education curriculum is designed to provide students an opportunity to foster their overall well being. Our curriculum encompasses not only teaching students about movement, skill and concept development, teamwork and problem solving, but health related fitness that will engage and encourage students to pursue lifetime fitness activities and make healthy decisions.

The Physical Education Department’s focus in Lower School begins with establishing a foundation of growth and development in five central areas: movement skills, manipulative skills, low-organizational games, specific sport skills and socialization. We work to create learners who appreciate wanting to move their body in class, but also continue to be physically active outside of class. In order to foster this development, a safe and comfortable learning environment is established for every student.  As students transition into Middle School, we strive to maintain a student’s appreciation of movement by offering a wide variety of individual and team sports in which students can further enhance their physical skills. Additionally, teamwork, sportsmanship and hard work are cornerstones of the athletic philosophy. For those students who do not participate in athletics in Middle School, an aerobic strength based Physical Education class is the alternative. In Upper School, physical development is focused on more sport-specific skills. Students are encouraged to participate year-round to develop a wide-variety of skills and strength.

The total Physical Education curriculum is aimed at securing the best possible development of all students, to allow them to be effective and fully functioning individuals physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally throughout life.