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Highlights from our Science Department

Allen Academy’s K-12 Science curriculum is designed to actively engage students in the understanding of scientific concepts and skills through hands-on exploration and experimentation. It is our belief that science encompasses the knowledge of the four strands of science (physical, chemical, earth/space, and life) as well as the process of discovery and exploration in any area or subject matter.

Through lab experiments, technology, and discourse, the Department assists students in developing a perception of science as a way of understanding the world around them, rather than definitions and theories to memorize. While bound to teaching the fundamentals of scientific principles and theories, we aim to create innovative learners who explore, create, and evaluate their predictions against evidence and reason. Our overarching goal is to develop student pioneers, capable of combining foundational knowledge and creativity to become designers and innovators of a new and changing world.

The Science Department’s focus in Lower School begins with establishing a foundation of understanding through investigation and exploration at a physical level. Hands-on labs and activities encourage an awareness of science as an exploratory, constantly-evolving subject. Developing an awareness of real-world problems, students in middle grades refine their ability to independently explore, as well as appropriately support their findings. By Upper School, courses provide rigorous, in-depth exploration into particular subject areas within the strands of Science.

Through ongoing inquiry and reflection, our intent is to nurture students’ quest for knowledge through examination, investigation, and analysis. We engage our students in the adventure of discovery, encouraging an open-minded appreciation of the unknown, leaving no stone unturned.