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MS and US students have opportunities to audition for various productions throughout the year, which also includes our One Act contest shows. The season will be announced prior to the start of school each year.

Middle School Drama

Sixth grade Fine Arts Rotation
Sixth grade drama focuses on building confidence through speech, voice and physical movements. Combining elements of public speaking, monologue preparation, prose/poetry and voice over animation, students will explore current events in a way that utilizes theatre and their voice to create awareness. This course equips the students not only as they travel through drama, but through all courses as they prepare and deliver presentations with confidence and ease.
7th and 8th grade Drama
The nature of Middle School Drama is exploratory. Students will discover and explore the impact theatre has had on the world throughout history. They will be introduced to acting and vocal techniques, elements of design and drama, technical theatre opportunities, improvisation, theatre game play, scene writing and development, ensemble and collaborative work and more. The class goes beyond acting and gives students a look at many of the creative outlets theatre offers. Additionally students are exposed to activities that help build confidence, empathy, trust and a deeper understanding of themselves, their peers, community and the world. Students who choose to continue in Middle School Drama for a second year will take on leadership roles which will provide the students with deeper, more specific experiences and enrich the class as a whole.


Upper School Theatre Electives

Upper School Theatre is a hands on, interactive discovery of theatre and its movements and impact throughout history. Students learn fundamental theatre concepts and ideas, and see the impact theatre has had on the world. Performance studies, script analysis, stagecraft, improvisation, technical and design elements are all employed in the classroom for a well rounded and in-depth study of the dramatic arts.
Advanced Drama
Students who opt into advanced drama are those who are dedicated and disciplined in performing arts. Students will be focused on specific performance pieces each semester. In the fall, students will analyze, study and rehearse our Upper School One Act Play for contest. In the spring, students will work on a collaborative short film that will be submitted to the ISAS festival.

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