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Why Do Independent Schools Have Annual Funds?

The Annual Fund impacts every part of our community—faculty and staff, recruitment and retention, academic programming, technology, athletics, visual and performing arts and music, the unique socio-economic diversity of our community, and more. The Allen Fund is our top annual fundraising priority. Independent schools around the country ask all members of the school community (parents, faculty, staff, trustees, alumni, grandparents, and friends) to make a tax-deductible gift to the school. The revenue raised through the Allen Fund ensures our school has all of the necessary resources (faculty, facilities, financial aid, technology, and program support) to provide our students with the educational opportunities that you expect. In order to keep tuition as low as possible, these charitable contributions bridge the gap between what tuition dollars cover and what it costs to actually run the school.  

How Can I Give To The Allen Fund?
This year, the Advancement Office is making giving easier than ever! You can donate by returning your Allen Fund envelope and donation to Preschool, Lower School, or Middle & Upper School front desks. You can also donate by giving online. 

Why Is It Important That We Reach Our 100% Participation Goal?
The importance of reaching our goal of 100% participation from families, faculty, staff, and board members to the 2019 Allen Fund cannot be overstated. Great independent schools are well above the 80% participation rate, annually. We have seen a steady increase over the past six years in percent participation, but we believe that this year we can reach our goal of 100% for the first time in Allen’s 133 year history!

It is important to reach 100% participation because by doing so:
• We show support for the institution that educates and nurtures our children
• We show support for our new Head of School, his leadership, and shared vision
• We send a positive message to member schools, the National Association of Independent School (NAIS), and the Independent School Association of the Southwest (ISAS) communities that we are a school worthy of national recognition, and we have a solid infrastructure as a community of families
• We send a strong message to our community that we have a solid group of families that fully support the financial well-being of our school
• Most of all, we show that we understand the value of an independent school education

Please show us your support and dedication to help us get to our 100% “All In” participation goal.