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The Cadet Golf Classic is an 18-hole, four-man “wingman” scramble designed to raise scholarship funds for the families of fallen and disabled veterans through the Folds of Honor, as well as to raise money for the Financial Assistance Fund at Allen Academy. From its humble beginnings in 1886, Allen has blossomed into an independent day school for 340 students from age three through grade 12 in Bryan. Since its opening in 2005, Miramont has maintained a strong alliance with Allen Academy, a private institution committed to providing a global perspective not only through an independent school curriculum but also through real-world exploration of foreign countries.

Where is my money going? 
The Folds of Honor Foundation is rallying a nation to ensure no family is left behind in the fight to preserve American freedom. Through scholarships and other assistance, we give back to the spouses and children of those killed or disabled in service to our country. We provide healing, hope and
an opportunity for dreams to be realized with the support of patriots like you. We believe this is our duty as citizens of the greatest country in the world. The need is great, and, to paraphrase the words of Patrick Henry, “their battle is ours.”
As Americans, we feel a collective duty to honor those who have sacrificed by serving the families they leave behind. We hope you will join the mission and stand with the Folds of Honor. It requires the assistance of our proud wingmen across the nation to ensure we honor the sacrifice of those who serve by educating their legacy. Together we will ensure no family is left behind on the field of battle.
Allen Academy cultivates the skills and attitudes that characterize adaptive expertise, equipping students with the mindset necessary for academic success, preparation for life and meaningful contribution to their local, college and global communities. Allen Academy is founded and operated on the core values of independence, adaptability, integrity, partnership and vigor.