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Nurse helping young child with bandage.

Dear Allen Academy Parents,

The service our School Nurse provides to your child during the school hours is an important part of his/her day in the event of illness or injury.  In preparation for the upcoming school year, Nurse Hoffman will be continuing the following policies to help us give your child the best care possible.

Allen Academy’s medication policy reflects compliance with the Texas Education Code, Section 22.052 and the Texas Board of Nursing and Nurse Practice Act.

It is required that any prescription medication brought to school be given to Nurse Hoffman in the original labeled container with the student’s name, instructions for administration, and dosage.  Students may self-carry Emergency Medications Only (Epipen, Inhaler, Diabetes supplies, etc.).  If your student will be self-carrying their emergency medications, they will need to sign a Student Contract Form for Self-Carried Emergency Medication.  This form must be signed by the student, parent, and the prescribing Physician.  For all other medications there is a Daily Medication Administration Request, and an “As Needed” Medication Administration Request that will need to be filled out and signed by you.  With each new medication or medication change that occurs throughout the school year, we will need an updated form.

Parents often have questions regarding when they should keep their children at home.  Below are a few guidelines to assist you in determining whether your child should stay home from school.

Students should be kept at home:

  • Until they have been fever free (less than 100 degrees F) for 24 hours;
  • If they have a persistent cough;
  • If he or she has vomited/had diarrhea within the last 24 hours;
  • If they have an unexplained/undiagnosed rash;
  • If they have red conjunctiva of the eye with discharge; and/or
  • If there is yellow/green mucus from the nose.

When your child is absent from school with an illness, it is advisable to call the school or email your child’s teacher and Nurse Hoffman.

If applicable, complete the “Daily” and “As Needed” Medication Request forms, the Food Allergy Emergency Care Plan, as well as the “Student Contract” and return a printed and signed copy of each to the Nurse’s Office in Lower School.

In addition, here are links to the Texas Department of Health’s requirements regarding vaccines for students in PK and K-12 for reference. Please submit updated shot records to the Nurse’s Office in the event that your child receives immunizations throughout the school year.

Please feel free to call or come by the Nurse’s Office to discuss any issues or special health needs of your child.

Beth Hoffman, RN
Allen Academy School Nurse